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Virtual Reality Spaces

We developed software capable of displaying VR and 360 content in a variety of video formats.  Below are some ways we built and deployed this, as well as a various designs for possible forms.

YouTube VR Dome

Users can navigate 360º videos, VR, and live 360º video feeds using hand gestures.

Interactive VR

Generative VR environments displayed on a seamless video matrix with 27 screens.  VR environments are interactive via leap motion and incorporate generative 3d forms and motion.

Projection VR Environment

Video projected walls display VR and 360º content.  Touch screen table allows users to select contend and interact.

VR Screen Environments

Various custom builds using TV screens to display VR and 360º content.

Explore what it’s like inside a VR environment:

Biomorphic Designs

Designs focused around parametric and biomorphic design.          ...

Generative Line Sculptures

We developed a process for generating large scale sculptures using parametric design, off-the-shelf production techniques and inexpensive materials and processes (schedule 40 pipe, cheeseboroughs, laser cut steel, rubber tubing).  These sculptures can be interactive...

Visual Environments

From a pitch using a combination of light box + silicone edge graphics and rear projection to achieve immersive environments....