We really like the Venise Lamp by PaulinePlusLuis.  Imagine a video screen behind the slats and an interactive elements based on opening and closing the “blinds”

Venise Lamp by PaulinePlusLuis


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Graphic Designer

2D designer to develop GUI, interaction design, print, and graphics


Holograms come in many shapes and Sizes.  Here are several that we have created for various clients and purposes More from BRDG BLOG


Just a few ways to interact with technology…

3D Printing

We use rapid prototyping tools like 3D printing to quickly R&D parts and bring to market polished, interaction-ready products quickly and efficiently. "The Shoe Insert" for Adidas turns any shoe into an interactive driver.  Circuit boards mount inside a form based...

Thinking Outside the Rectangle

Thinking Outside the Rectangle Video monitors are extremely ubiquitous.  So much so that most of us stare at one for most of the day and night.  The computer screen your reading this on is most likely 16:10 ratio and your TV at home is 16:9 ratio.  That makes up...

Virtual Reality Spaces

Virtual Reality Spaces We developed software capable of displaying VR and 360 content in a variety of video formats.  Below are some ways we built and deployed this, as well as a various designs for possible forms. YouTube VR Dome Users can navigate 360º videos, VR,...

VR on Website

[vrview img="https://brdg.co/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/test4.jpg"...