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Rear Projection onto Cut Plexi

Combining video projection mapping with custom cut Plexi with high end rear projection film is an open ended source for retail and event design. You could also easily combine touch foil technology or a Microsoft Kinect with this type of display to make it interactive

Fabrication, Animation and installation by BRDG Studios

This installation at the jewish museum in Berlin uses special glass which can be triggered to turn transparent or clear in coordination with the video projections

Other Ideas and Technology

Biomorphic Designs

Designs focused around parametric and biomorphic design.          ...

Generative Line Sculptures

We developed a process for generating large scale sculptures using parametric design, off-the-shelf production techniques and inexpensive materials and processes (schedule 40 pipe, cheeseboroughs, laser cut steel, rubber tubing).  These sculptures can be interactive...

Visual Environments

From a pitch using a combination of light box + silicone edge graphics and rear projection to achieve immersive environments....