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Computer Controlled Motors

Computerized motor control has an unlimited amount of possibilities for installations.  It is captivating to see real physical objects being controlled with the precision of digital programming.  This type of technology is truly the bridge between the digital and physical worlds.

This is an art installation by Daniel Rozin

This is an art installation by Daniel Rozin

An installation at the Changi Airport by Art+Com

Installation for BMW by Art+Com

Concept and Rendering by WhiteVoid

Installation by Art+Com

Other Ideas and Technology

Generative Line Sculptures

We developed a process for generating large scale sculptures using parametric design, off-the-shelf production techniques and inexpensive materials and processes (schedule 40 pipe, cheeseboroughs, laser cut steel, rubber tubing).  These sculptures can be interactive...

Visual Environments

From a pitch using a combination of light box + silicone edge graphics and rear projection to achieve immersive environments....