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Thinking Outside the Rectangle

Video monitors are extremely ubiquitous.  So much so that most of us stare at one for most of the day and night.  The computer screen your reading this on is most likely 16:10 ratio and your TV at home is 16:9 ratio.  That makes up pretty much all the rectangular configurations we stare at constantly.  BORING!  This blog post is all about breaking that box, something we love to do and should do more!

Things We’ve Done

Virtual reality viewing theater

Some References We Like

Some Tech We Like

Samsung UD22B 21.5″ LED Backlit Square LCD Display

Ultrawide “Stretched” Displays

Biomorphic Designs

Designs focused around parametric and biomorphic design.          ...

Generative Line Sculptures

We developed a process for generating large scale sculptures using parametric design, off-the-shelf production techniques and inexpensive materials and processes (schedule 40 pipe, cheeseboroughs, laser cut steel, rubber tubing).  These sculptures can be interactive...

Visual Environments

From a pitch using a combination of light box + silicone edge graphics and rear projection to achieve immersive environments....