Thinking Outside the Rectangle

Video monitors are extremely ubiquitous.  So much so that most of us stare at one for most of the day and night.  The computer screen your reading this on is most likely 16:10 ratio and your TV at home is 16:9 ratio.  That makes up pretty much all the rectangular configurations we stare at constantly.  BORING!  This blog post is all about breaking that box, something we love to do and should do more!

Things We’ve Done

VR Theater
Schiphol Airport Clock
Schiphol Airport Clock
VR Theater

Virtual reality viewing theater

Schiphol Airport Clock
Schiphol Airport Clock
Schiphol Airport Clock

Some References We Like

Some Tech We Like

Samsung UD22B 21.5″ LED Backlit Square LCD Display

Schiphol Airport Clock

Ultrawide “Stretched” Displays

Graphic Designer

2D designer to develop GUI, interaction design, print, and graphics


Holograms come in many shapes and Sizes.  Here are several that we have created for various clients and purposes More from BRDG BLOG


Inspiration for an interactive display using blinds.


Just a few ways to interact with technology…

3D Printing

We use rapid prototyping tools like 3D printing to quickly R&D parts and bring to market polished, interaction-ready products quickly and efficiently. "The Shoe Insert" for Adidas turns any shoe into an interactive driver.  Circuit boards mount inside a form based...

Virtual Reality Spaces

Virtual Reality Spaces We developed software capable of displaying VR and 360 content in a variety of video formats.  Below are some ways we built and deployed this, as well as a various designs for possible forms. YouTube VR Dome Users can navigate 360º videos, VR,...

VR on Website

[vrview img=""...

Media Stream

Media Stream The Media Stream is a product we created which allows the user to display all the relevant photos, videos or tweets that are being posted to either their Instagram or Twitter account. The content continually floats by on the screen and if you see...

Rear Projection onto Cut Plexi

Rear Projection onto Cut Plexi Combining video projection mapping with custom cut Plexi with high end rear projection film is an open ended source for retail and event design. You could also easily combine touch foil technology or a Microsoft Kinect with this type of...

Water and Vapor Projections

Water and Vapor Projections Projecting onto water jets or vapor door ways can be an interesting effect. Here are three examples of this technology in action by other companies. This installation was by Joaniele Mercier This installation was by WhiteVoid This...

Interactive LED Sculptures

Interactive LED Sculptures LED's are very versatile for programming and installation. Here are a few examples of installations we have installed, pitched, and some work we are fans of. Installation by BRDG Studios for Set Creative pitch by BRDG Studios Installation by...

Computer Controlled Motors

Computer Controlled Motors Computerized motor control has an unlimited amount of possibilities for installations.  It is captivating to see real physical objects being controlled with the precision of digital programming.  This type of technology is truly the bridge...

Touch Foils

Touch Foils With Touch-Foils, you can turn any surface less then 10mm thick into a touch screen up to 105" wide.  They can be mounted on the inside of shop windows, behind thin walls, under tables or inside of kiosks.  They are flexible as well and can be applied on...

Transparent OLED Screens

Transparent OLED Screens Transparent OLED Screens are the latest technology in clear video screens. They are 85% transparent and emit light from the luma channel in the video. They come in 55" screens and can be outfitted as touch screens or points of sale. <iframe...


We love tunnels!  We get very excited when a client decides to add a tunnel to an entrance or part of an event.  It’s perception-altering to walk through a tunnel and be in a situation where your whole body is immersed by an effect; when all of your senses are...

Touch Screen Kiosks

This was something we proposed to showcase a specialty line of Beats headphones.  The idea was to create 7 pieces of content that told a story behind each pair of headphones on a custom display with a touch screen built in.   More from BRDG...

Rapid Visualization

An ongoing collection of sketches and ideas from over the years.   More from BRDG BLOG

360º Broadcast and Enviroment

360° Broadcast and Enviroment A concept using live 360º cameras inside a BMX bike track.  BRDG software composites a VR environment from live cameras for live viewing on headsets or domes. More from BRDG...

Rubber Meets The Road

We understand that creativity has multiple levels.  One can be creative at 10,000 feet and go "bid picture" working on things like strategy and creative direction of a campaign.  You can also be creative like an engineer or builder and deal with problems like gravity,...

XBox Tradeshow Kit

This is an excerpt from a pitch that used video environments, video projection towers, and modular production solutions to address Xbox's activations in convention centers and trade shows i.e. Comic Con.   More from BRDG...

Beats Digital Display

This was something we proposed to showcase a specialty line of Beats headphones.  The idea was to create 7 pieces of content that told a story behind each pair of headphones on a custom display with a touch screen built in.  We explored ways to use TV monitors on...

Biomorphic Designs

Designs focused around parametric and biomorphic design.            

Generative Line Sculptures

We developed a process for generating large scale sculptures using parametric design, off-the-shelf production techniques and inexpensive materials and processes (schedule 40 pipe, cheeseboroughs, laser cut steel, rubber tubing).  These sculptures can be interactive...

Visual Environments

From a pitch using a combination of light box + silicone edge graphics and rear projection to achieve immersive environments.