Design Philadelphia Closing Ceremony

Lairs of Self

For the closing ceremony of Design Philadelphia, Dejha Ti curated and managed a dozen artist to collaborate on this massive immersive digital environment.  BRDG installed the video system, mapped the space and created original animations for the space, along with other artists which include:

ART DIRECTION & DESIGN: Sean Martorana & Dejha Ti
WORDS: Adam Teterus
MUSIC & SOUND DESIGN: Tim Motzer, 1k Recordings
VOCALS: Kyra Garèy
SCULPTURE DESIGN: Sean Martorana & Dejha Ti
SCULPTURE MATERIALS & FABRICATION: DuPont™ Corian® solid surfaces and C.H. Briggs
2D & 3D ANIMATION: Joe Seifert and Kipp Jarden

Additional Works