Wonder Woman: 1984

XR Consumer Experience,

Discovery District Dallas

AT&T, Warner Bros., TwentyFour7 and BRDG Studios collaborated to bring the excitement of Wonder Woman: 1984 to life at the AT&T Global Headquarters.  The AT&T Discovery District housed this XR (Extended Reality) digital experience for 3 months. Using computer vision and skeletal tracking, users could wear the wings of Wonder Woman, simply by stepping up to the oversized LED Wall.

The actual 3D model from the film was utilized within the BRDG Studios custom real-time rendering system.  Users could cross their arms to bring the wings in or extend their arms to expand the wings out and show them off in 360 degrees.

This type of immersive and engaging multimedia experience attracted customers everyday to enter the store and take part of the Wonder Woman: 1984 experience.

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