AT&T Flagships

Nation Wide

For the release of Space Jam – A New Legacy, BRDG Studios created the “Youtune Creator”.  Consumers created their own Goon or Tune Squad member, watched their creation come to life on the Jumbotron and received a printed physical takeaway which doubled as augmented reality to re-visit your creation.


AT&T Global Headquarters

Dallas, Texas


At the AT&T Experience Store we have installed several large scale interactive experiences.

The CNN Globe is a 360 Video experience which allows the user to explore Virtual Reality content without wearing a headset.  The Physical dome was designed and built at BRDG Studios.  The multi-projector display system and custom playback software was developed from scratch at BRDG Studios as well.

The CNN Globe is a permanent fixture at the AT&T Experience Store and can be seen anytime during business hours.

Physical Dome Designed and Fabricated at BRDG Studios.  Custom dome mapping and touch screen playback software developed by BRDG Studios


Wonder Woman 84

To celebrate the launch of Time Warner’s ‘Wonder Woman 84’ movie launch, we created this augmented reality experience where you can wear the Wonder Woman Wings for yourself.  

Featured to the public at the AT&T Experience Center at their Dallas Global Campus


Wonder Woman ’84

Lasso of Truth

Compete with your friend and try to guess whether they are telling you the truth or a lie.  This experience is touch-free and covid friendly.  all decisions are made by raising either your left or right hand to answer yes or no questions

Designed and fabricated at BRDG Studios. Programming and skeletal tracking developed at BRDG Studios


National Rollout

To celebrate the launch of HBO Max, this Augmented Reality app was deployed to hundreds of AT&T stores nation wide.  Users could digitally try on hats from famous movies.  In this new era of Covid-19 retail, users could also have a touch-free experience by scanning a QR code with their phone and controlling all aspects of the experience from any mobile device.  Photos of the experience could then be captured and emailed to yourself.

Augmented Reality programming and metal fabrication done at BRDG Studios.  This was a multi-tiered rollout with 10 Tier 1 units shipping to prime markets and hundreds of instore iPads loaded with the mobile iOS version. 


Holiday Window Displays

For the holiday season we fabricated massive stacks of digital Christmas presents.  Each present was a custom built, four sided, video display.  Customers could scan a QR code on a nearby iPad to access a Mobile Friendly Webapp.  Through the Webapp you could “Change the Channel” on any chosen Christmas present and also vote on your favorite TV show.  All votes were tallied from the three Flagship stores in Chicago, Dallas and San Francisco and then displayed on a “digital scroll” for everyone to see.

Main window display for ATT Flagship store in Chicago.  48 flat screen TV’s were linked together to play synchronized video content and could also be controlled by anyone’s phone from the sidewalk or inside the store.  All present stacks and purple sound tubes, deployed to Chicago, Dallas and San Francisco, were fabricated and programmed at BRDG Studios.

AT&T Flagships

Chicago, Boston & S.F.


For the release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, we programmed and built multiple large scale interactive experiences at all three Flagship AT&T stores for the holiday season.

Many custom electronics were designed and created to bring these experiences to life. Using the light on your camera (wand), users had to cast a spell by waving the phone over the magic seal at every activation.  If the wand was waved in the correct gesture, photo receptors and LED lights reacted and the experience was unlocked for the user.

Custom integrated electronics were developed for every activation

AT&T Flagship



For the release of Warner Bros Justice League, we created this touch free Augmented Reality experiences which allowed pedestrians and consumers to digitally become one of the Justice League DC Characters.  Using skeletal tracking, Super Hero costumes were overlaid on 4K video feeds both on the street and inside the store.

This installation ran for the entire holiday season and had thousands of interactions from both inside the store and on Michigan Ave.

AT&T Flagship



For the final season of Game of thrones, BRDG Studios teamed up with the developers of Magic Leap to create a physically and digitally connected augmented reality experience, where you could digitally interact with physical props and animatronic zombies.

BRDG Studios created the rumbling crate and ghastly zombie robotics and makeup, as well as the communication system to link the physical props movement with the augmented reality experience inside the Magic Leap

The final promotional trailer for the experience