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Various XR retail activations and events.

The Lockbox

Recruiting experience for Lockheed Martin, Space

Nike – Play New Kid’s AR Experience

Interactive Robotics

Oakley Kato

Augmented reality seeding kit.

Space Jam 2021

National experiential marketing initiative in AT&T flagships. 

AT&T Flagship Experiences


Next generation customer engagement for Walmart

XR Ecosystem

Scalable and dynamic strategy for experiential XR.


Showroom of the future

A little more about us.

Facilities, processes, and capabilities.

Our facilities in Philadelphia PA

We occupy around 30k sq/ft permanently with additional 60k sq/ft industrial flex space for assembly, rollouts, storage, and expansion.

Wonder Woman ’84

Augmented reality retail experience.

Lasso of Truth

Wonder Woman ’84

A hands-free competition platform that allows 2 players to call each other out by asking and answering questions by hand positions.

VR Sphere

ATT HQ – Dallas, Texas

The 12′ diameter projection dome is a permanent attract feature in the ATT Experience Store.  Guests step inside an immersive space enveloped by  270º of projection surface to explore cutting edge videos and VR experiences.  The sphere structure and projection technology were designed and developed for rapid deployment to events, and a robust backend for updates and refreshes for a long future of use delivering amazing XR experiences.

AT&T Flagship



For the final season of Game of thrones, BRDG Studios teamed up with the developers of Magic Leap to create a physically and digitally connected augmented reality experience, where you could digitally interact with physical props and animatronic zombies.

BRDG Studios created the rumbling crate and ghastly zombie robotics and makeup, as well as the communication system to link the physical props movement with the augmented reality experience inside the Magic Leap

The final promotional trailer for the experience