Rapid prototyping & manufacturing.

BRDG is a design & engineering practice with advanced in-house fabrication capabilities.

Design Engineering

Mechanical engineers, industrial designers, and electrical engineers with a strong alignment with production tools and processes.

  • DFM-A
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Design for Fabrication
  • Systems Engineering
  • OEM Hardware Sourcing & Integration
  • PCB Design and Production
  • Custom Electronics & Creative Technology
  • Robotics Systems
Industrial Design

A design practice focused on next-generation, front end solutions and positioned for rapid physicalization.

  • Concept Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Interface and Digital Design
  • Strategy & Positioning
Precision Fabrication

We leverage an in-house suite of precision tools that straddle fabrication and manufacturing, allowing us to flex between rapid prototyping, one-off productions, and large volume rollouts.

  • 2x Fiber Lasers for metal cutting
  • CNC Sheet Metal Brakes and CNC folders
  • Custom In-house Tooling, Brakes & Dies
  • Welding, Metalwork, and Finishing
  • Carpentry, cabinetry, furniture-grade woodworking
  • CNC Milling for Metal and Composites
  • Specialty 3D CNC for Complex Forms
  • Powder Coating, Painting, & Automotive Finishing
Rapid Prototyping

The BRDG philosophy allows us to straddle design, fabrication, hardware, and digital process to rapidly deploy highly refined and functional prototypes.  This positions us to accelerate concepts into reality, and advance initiative roadmaps faster than traditional processes. 


Fortune 1 Future of Retail

With end-to-end design engineering and rapid fabrication, BRDG supports new products and initiatives from rapid prototypes through in-store tests – accelerating design concepts and internal strategies to physical and functional realities.


Front End, Elevated with Robotics

How custom robotics and museum quality fabrication elevated a gifting experience for Nike’s House of Innovation.