Have a look at some recent projects.

The same  program is integrated into larger video moments, in windows, and other plussed-up builds around the country.

Using the same process and platforms, anatomy can be shown in real time on users’ bodies.

Below are some inspiration images.

These existing applications use targets on shirts.  We can use actual parts of the users’ body as a trigger points (like head, neck etc..) so interactions are seamless and automatic.

Messaging can be built into the anatomical overlays. 

Possible use case:

  1. Users will see stylized lungs aligned to their own chest.  They can move and get closer to examine in detail.
  2. A simulation of how asthma effects the respiratory system will animate in. Text describes what’s happening.
  3. A simulation of pharmaceuticals targeting asthma animates in 3D as text  and branded messaging describes the process and benefits.