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What is this?:

In short, it’s a new way to visualize 3D creative work.  We built a dome for groups to experience virtual reality and we want to showcase your content!  If you work in 3D (architects, industrial designers, interior designers, animators) and have never made your scene into virtual reality, this is a great chance for you and others to see your work in a new way.

We’re excited to open this up to creatives outside of VR producers because architects’ and designers’ brains are spatially aware.  We’re interested to see how architectural and design concepts can be used in VR.


How to submit:

• email submissions to

• include: artist name, title of work, and attach an image or download link for your image or video

• image or video should be equirectangular at 8000 x 4000 pixels

• submission deadline: August 29, 2017

• come see your work on the dome at the Made in NY IFP Media Center in Dumbo during the month of September


Submissions specifics:

We require an equirectangular image or video with a resolution at 8000 X 4000 pixels.

If you’ve never made an equirectangular rendering, you can do this with some standard rendering platforms you might already use.  Below are some links to plugins and tutorials for how to do this… with a little googling you can find a step by step tutorial to make this yourself! 

Here’s some helpful links:

3DS Max


Sketchup: CubicVR (beta) plugin